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A Great Night for Both

We actually started in the shower this time.  Play with each other a little and talking about sex before getting out.  Once we got out she wanted to preform a little strip show for me.  So she turned on some county music to dance to and slowly took her clothes off.  When she had all her clothes off she got straddled my dick and just placed in on her pussy.  She dance a little bit more while on top of me, before getting off and laying on the bed next to me. As soon as she was off me I put my face between her legs and ate out her pussy.  I was using my hands too, to feel her boobs as I was licking her clit.  I thought that she was close and kissed my way up her body to her lips.  I slid my cock into her pussy for a minute, but she wasn’t ready to cum.  After a couple of trust into her pussy, I went back down on her.  This time once I got her super wet, I put a couple of fingers in her and try to rub her G-spot as I licked her clit.  I thought that I did it pretty well, so well in fact that she came as I was eating her out.  When she was done she said that it wasn’t intense enough.  I was then ready to cum and put my dick back in her.  A few more pumps later and I was cumming, she moved prefect as I came.  It was pretty intense for me.

A Fun Night

We start by watching TV, naked.  I’m sitting behind her.  I’m rubbing her pussy as we are watching TV.  I kiss her neck ever once in a while.  When our show is over, we start kissing more as I’m still rubbing her clit.  Eventually we get into frenching and I put two fingers up in her.  I’m moving my fingers in and out of her fast and hard than slow down and rub her Gspot.  She seems to be liking me rubbing her pussy rough, I was trying to get her squirt a little bit as I’m rubbing her.  As I’m playing with her pussy she is getting farther and farther down and she is laying more on my leg.  Eventually she gets unconformable and gets out from between my legs, and lays next to me.  I play with her pussy little bit more while we are kissing and french kissing.  Then I go down and eat out oh pussy a little bit. She is getting so close. I go back up to her and french her some more, I know that she is tasting herself.  After doing that again, I get on top of her and slide my dick into her pussy.  I don’t move much so that I don’t cum too quick, but she likes it too.  She grinds on me and cums.  I stay still as she cums and just enjoy her pussy pulsing.  After she is done, I ask her if she would suck my dick a little before I cum.  She says no, but she will get on top.  So we switch positions and as she is hopping up and down on my cock, I cum in her pussy.

Softcore Porn – We Cum 3 Times

I finally get her to watch some porn.  It was some soft-core stuff that I record from a free preview weekend of skin o max.  We started it and played with each other a little bit while watching. Till we got to about to the third sex scene, when I started licking her pussy.  It wasn’t long till she was cumming for the 1st time.  After that she wanted me to cum.  I wanted to cum on her so that I eat her out more later.  So when I was ready to cum I pulled out and came on her stomach. We cleaned up and continued watching the porn.  I played with where pussy a little, then we tried a position of two girls grinding on other.  Then I ate her out till she came for the 2nd time.  She then got on me like reverse cowboy just to try it.  It took a minute to get my dick inside of her, but when I finally did I was about ready to cum. And did.  She said that this position didn’t do anything for her.  We continued watching to the porn.  I think that we switched to the 2nd one.  When I started playing with her this time her pussy was wet an slick from all the cum that was in her.  We watching the porn for a while till at some point I put my dick in her and she came pretty quickly, then I pounded her till I came too.  So we both came three times in about three hours.  It was a great night.

Vacation Sex

We are still on vacation and I want to have sex again. We did take a shower together again but we have challenges having sex in the shower.  But in the morning we are laying on our air matters and I’m playing with her pussy.  She says that if I want to have sex we have to go to the bathroom. I still want to make her cum so I use my hands to play with her pussy to make her cum before we go to the bathroom.  Once I get her to cum, we go to the bathroom and try to figure out how we are going to have sex.  She starts by putting her leg up on the counter and me trying to get my cock up into her pussy, no luck.  I tell her to bend over and I do her from behind, no luck.  She suggest that I sit on the toilet and she will sit on top of me, WORKS.  This is the first time its like a porn where she moves her pussy up and down on my cock.  She is the only one moving.  It was great that all I had to do was sit there.  Soon I was cumming in her pussy.

Hoping For A Party

We talked on the way home that we wanted a party when we got home, code for sex. We made out a little on the way home.  At home we snuck off to an empty room and she flashed her tits.  In the kitchen she rubbed my crotch while I was cooking.  But when night time rolled around, we got the kids to bed too late and it was really late when we got into bed.  I tried to make out with her and pay with her pussy, but I guess she was too tired.  She said you can have me but its too late for me to cum.  I still when down on her cause I wanted to taste her pussy.  Then I got on top of her and slid my dick into her pussy.  I moved my dick in and out of her rhythm while we talked a little bit. As I was getting close to cumming she put her legs strait up, and had her feet over my head.  I was able to do her a little more till I came. As I was cumming she was trying to move her hips on my cock, but pushing her legs against me.  I wasn’t in a very stable position to begin with and fell back wards.  It was funny and we laughed.  Just then there was a knocking on out door.  It was a sudden end to a pretty good night.

Cuddling Sex

My wife likes to cuddle and talk when we come back together after a long weekend apart.  I want to have sex.  So I figured out how to do.  So after cuddling and talking for a little while while we where both naked in bed, I rolled her over.  I went down to her pussy to get it wet and got on top of her and stuck me dick in.  Once is was all lubed up with her pussy juice, I then lay on my side and she cuddles up next to me.  I slide my dick in to her pussy and we just lay there and talk for about 45 minutes.  Every once in a while I move my cock in and out of her. But mainly we just lay there talking and cuddling.  When we get done talking, she rolls on to her back.  We start kissing, I us my hand and my fingers to play with her pussy.  I know that she is getting turned on cause she grabs my dick and starts stroking it too.  Our kissing turns into french kissing.  That turns her on more.  A few minutes of this and I’m about to cum, so I pull off of her and put my face in on her pussy and start licking it.  I turn around so that maybe she will suck my dick or at least keep stroking it, but she does neither.  After a minute of me eating her pussy she says that shes about to cum.  I lick her for a few seconds more then turn to put my dick back into her pussy.  I put it in deep an let her grind on me, but she doesn’t seem to want too.  She thinks that she came as i was changing positions.  I go back down on her and eat her out for a minute more, and she seems to like it but isn’t cumming.  So I guess its my turn.  I want to cum in her butt and ask her.  She says ok, but as I’m trying to stick it in I start cumming, so I put my dick back in her pussy.

A Little Back and Forth

We are in bed naked.  Playing a game on the iPad.  After that is done, we start kissing.  Then some french kissing.  She spreads her legs and I start playing with her pussy.  She reaches down and softly and slowly strokes my cock.  Then the cats jump on the bed and I have to throw them out.  When I come back I find her playing with herself, and I reach down and put a finger into her pussy as she is playing with her cilt.  We continue kissing and playing with each other.  After a while she surprises me by going down and sucking on my cock.  She only takes it into her mouth twice, but it was exciting when she did it.  We then went back to kissing and playing with each other.  I then go down on her and lick her clit.  Stay down there for a minute or two, then back to kissing and french kissing for a while longer.  After another few minutes of kissing she goes down on me again and gets me right on the edge of cumming.  I when down on her once again, before we got into having sex.  When I came back up to kissing her we went right into french kissing, it seems that she enjoyed tasting her juices on me.  I got on top of her and put my dick in.  Once it was in and lubed up with pussy juices she says that she wants on top.  So she gets on top of me and slides my cock into her pussy and starts riding me.  It didn’t take long and we both came at the same time.


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