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Cuddling Sex

My wife likes to cuddle and talk when we come back together after a long weekend apart.  I want to have sex.  So I figured out how to do.  So after cuddling and talking for a little while while we where both naked in bed, I rolled her over.  I went down to her pussy to get it wet and got on top of her and stuck me dick in.  Once is was all lubed up with her pussy juice, I then lay on my side and she cuddles up next to me.  I slide my dick in to her pussy and we just lay there and talk for about 45 minutes.  Every once in a while I move my cock in and out of her. But mainly we just lay there talking and cuddling.  When we get done talking, she rolls on to her back.  We start kissing, I us my hand and my fingers to play with her pussy.  I know that she is getting turned on cause she grabs my dick and starts stroking it too.  Our kissing turns into french kissing.  That turns her on more.  A few minutes of this and I’m about to cum, so I pull off of her and put my face in on her pussy and start licking it.  I turn around so that maybe she will suck my dick or at least keep stroking it, but she does neither.  After a minute of me eating her pussy she says that shes about to cum.  I lick her for a few seconds more then turn to put my dick back into her pussy.  I put it in deep an let her grind on me, but she doesn’t seem to want too.  She thinks that she came as i was changing positions.  I go back down on her and eat her out for a minute more, and she seems to like it but isn’t cumming.  So I guess its my turn.  I want to cum in her butt and ask her.  She says ok, but as I’m trying to stick it in I start cumming, so I put my dick back in her pussy.

A Little Back and Forth

We are in bed naked.  Playing a game on the iPad.  After that is done, we start kissing.  Then some french kissing.  She spreads her legs and I start playing with her pussy.  She reaches down and softly and slowly strokes my cock.  Then the cats jump on the bed and I have to throw them out.  When I come back I find her playing with herself, and I reach down and put a finger into her pussy as she is playing with her cilt.  We continue kissing and playing with each other.  After a while she surprises me by going down and sucking on my cock.  She only takes it into her mouth twice, but it was exciting when she did it.  We then went back to kissing and playing with each other.  I then go down on her and lick her clit.  Stay down there for a minute or two, then back to kissing and french kissing for a while longer.  After another few minutes of kissing she goes down on me again and gets me right on the edge of cumming.  I when down on her once again, before we got into having sex.  When I came back up to kissing her we went right into french kissing, it seems that she enjoyed tasting her juices on me.  I got on top of her and put my dick in.  Once it was in and lubed up with pussy juices she says that she wants on top.  So she gets on top of me and slides my cock into her pussy and starts riding me.  It didn’t take long and we both came at the same time.

She Really Wants to Cum

So her pussy is finally done, and is back in working order.  I can tell that she wants to cum so bad.  After taking a shower, we get in bed naked.  We talk and cuddle for a little while.  I’m trying to play with her pussy while we are talking.  Its not going very well.  She then rolls on her side laying on me, where it is impossible for me to play with her pussy.  But after a little while of cuddling she starts playing with me.  I told her that should play with herself while she played with me.  Amazingly she did it.  She was stroking my cock while rubbing her clit.  Then we start kissing.  I’m moving my hands up an down her body as she is playing with us.  After a little while I roll on my side and face her.  We continue kissing and now I’m about to play with her too.  She pulls my cock toward her pussy and uses my cock as a toy to play with her clit.  She is not getting very wet, but I’m putting a couple of fingers in her pussy and trying to get her juices flowing.  She keep using my cock to stroke her clit while I’m playing with her G-spot.  After a while I get tired of being on my side and roll on top of her.  I figured that I would go down and eat her, but she didn’t want me too.  So we work to get my cock into her pussy, that still wasn’t to wet.  When it finally went in, I let her grind on me till she was close.  She was turning me on so much that I couldn’t hold it much longer and just as she came so did I.  Neither one of use seemed to cum very hard, but it was fun.

Sunday Morning Surprise

Waking up on sunday morning after the time change we are both still a little tired and horny.  She rolls on her side and I cuddle up behind her.  I move her shorts out of my way and put my dick in her butt crack.  I try to get as close to her butt hole as I can but I don’t work to hard at it.  As I’m bringing my arm back over her to grab her boobs as I usually do, she grabs my arm and moves my hand down to her pussy.  I put my hand on her crotch and rub her a little over her shorts.  A minute or two later, I moved her shorts out of the way of my have and tried to rub her clit.  As I was rubbing her clit, there was a knock on the door, One of the kids needed her.  She had to get up and help her, before she left she whispered to me that she so wanted to cum.

When she came back to the room, I was sitting naked on the side of the bed checking stuff on my phone.  She comes around the bed taking her clothes off as she walked around.  When she got to me I figured that she would give me a hug and a kiss before turning around and getting herself some clothes.  Boy was I wrong.  She came over to me, put one knee up on the bed and I had to help her a little pull the other knee on the other side of me so that she didn’t fall off the bed.  So now she is straddling me, but her pussy is up to high for my cock to even reach.  So we hug and kiss, then I reach my hand down on her crotch to find a soaking wet pussy.  I rub her wet cilt as we are kissing.  I reach a couple of fingers up in her pussy just cause its so wet and easy to do.  She is enjoying it so much that I figured that she was going to cum on the spot.  But she gets tired and pushes me back down on the bed.  She lays on top of me for a sec, but decides that she wants to be on bottom and rolls off me.  I thought that she was close to cumming and I stick my dick in her. Then she warns me “you better not cum before me.”  I was pretty close and it wasn’t going to take me long, so I figured that I better go down and eat her out for a while.  And that’s what I did, it was driving her wild.  After a few minutes of her enjoying the lashings of my tongue on her clit, I finally got back on top of her and put my dick in her waiting pussy.  She was grinding on me for a minute before she came.  She was making more noises than ever, I was really enjoying it.  But it still took me a few pumps after she came for me to cum.  I didn’t seem to cum very hard probably cause we had such a good time the morning before also.

Valentines Weekend

We had talked about it during the week and we had planned on having sex three time during the weekend, Morning, noon and night.  We had the whole house to our self and could do what ever we wanted. My plan was just just to be with my wife for the weekend.  But things didn’t go exactly as planned.

It started Friday night, but the only thing that we did sexual is that she slept naked from me. On Valentines Day morning I asked her for a blowjob instead of sex in the morning.  She agreed, I had to switch sides of the bed, but I got my dick sucked.  I tried to two get her to deep throat my dick, but she said that she would throw up.  But she did go a little deep as she was sucking my cock.  After a little while I was about ready to cum, and asked her to let me cum in her mouth, but she said “No, but we can talk about it later.”  I don’t know what she meant. I ended up cumming on my stomach.  She also said “I like to see the eruption”

For the afternoon one, didn’t happen till really late in the afternoon, and we did it more like a quicky.  We where already naked on the couch, so we just got into position and I stick my cock into her pussy.  She was fully on the couch and I was kneeling up to the couch.  It was a strange position.  I thing that her leg was up in the air the whole time. It didn’t take too long for me to cum.

We never got to the third one that we had planned on Valentines Day, but we still had the house to ourselfs for the next day too.  Plus she hadn’t cum yet. So later that night after Valentines day, we took a shower and laid in bed and she started a massive make out session.  We where kissing and french kissing for a while before we touched each other.  Eventually I moved my hand down to her pussy.  It was pretty wet and was able to slip my fingers into her. After being in her vagina for a little while I would move to her clit and message that for a little while too.  I was going back and forth for a while, sometimes my pinky would get onto her butt hole and I would press it on there too. She was loving it. Eventually we got tired of that position and had to change.  This time I went down on her and ate out her pussy till she was about ready to cum.  When she was about to cum she wanted me to sick my dick in her when she came.  So that’s what we did.  When she was done cumming, I went back down on her to try and get her to cum again.  I worked on her clit and pussy for 10 or 15 minutes trying to get her to cum again.  Her legs where shaking the whole time, which is normally a sign that she is going to cum.  After a while she said that it felt great but wasn’t going to cum again.  So I got back on top of her and stuck me dick in her and came in her a minute later.

Sexy Blackjack

I asked her if she wanted to play a sexy game.  She agreed and we started the search for the playing cards.  In ours sexy cabinet in our nightstand we have a few things that we hardly ever use, like handcuffs, dildo, sexual position cards, and some lube.  Well just to be funny I gave her the dildo and turned it on for her.  And she played with it on her cilt for a few minutes while I was looking for the playing cards.  When I finally found the cards, she was still having the dildo vibrating on her clit.  She wasn’t really enjoying it that much, so we starting playing blackjack.  We sat in bed naked playing a couple of practice rounds before we really got into it.  She says that her clit is still vibrating from the dildo.  First round and I lose, she wants me to lick her pussy.  Second round I loose again, and more pussy licking.  Next round I finally win and get my dick sucked. She wins, I lick her pussy more.  I win, and get devious and want some french kissing so that she can taste herself.  I love it when she does that.  But I never win any more rounds.  We play two more rounds and licking her pussy after every lose, then she puts down the cards and we french kiss like crazy.  She lays back and I get on top of her, we are still kissing.  As I lay down on here, my cock easily into her pussy without even touching it.  We get into our normal, and she grinds on my cock until she cums, and I’m not far behind her cumming in her pussy.

Getting Her Excited

We lay in bed early yesterday morning before the kids get up.  I start kissing on her, moving my hands up and down her body.  I was playing with her boobs and kissing her neck, cuddling up next to her.  After a little while of this, I move my hand inside her shorts and start to play with her pussy.  I’m just rubbing my hand over her pussy to see if she shaved for me the other day.  It feels smooth enough, I bet she shaved it.  I go back to her boobs and give her a hug.  I go back down and explore her pussy more.  I continue to play with her pussy for a while longer getting it wetter and wetter.  Till the kids come down stairs, they turn on the TV and watch out in the living room and yell we’re hungry.  My wife says that I should go an fix them some breakfast.  So I get up, put my robe on, and go fix them some cereal.  When I get back to the bedroom, I find that my wife is naked, spread eagle in bed waiting for me.  I get on top of her and tell her that I just need to have a taste, so I stick my hard cock into her pussy and get it all wet with her juices.  I pull it back out cause I know that she isn’t close to cumming, and go down on her.  I love the taste of her pussy.  Licking it for a while, I think that maybe she wanted me to continue using my hand to rub her clit.  So I come back up and lay next to her, rubbing her pussy with my hand.  While at the same time kissing her lips, neck, ear, boobs, and nipples.  She says that she is close to cumming, and I get on top of her.  I put my dick in her pussy, and I’m about ready to cum too.  I tell her that I’m close and ask she wants me to go down on her again.  She tells me just to cum.  I pull my cock in and out of her three or four more times and I’m cumming in her pussy.  She is grinding on me and as I’m about done she starts cumming too.  We both just lay there for a minute and enjoy being with each other.


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